Friday, September 11, 2015

Indoor Playground in Malaysia, Star Light Kids at Avenue-K

Have all of you been to a indoor playground as big as 5,500 square feet ? If you haven't been yet, then you should ask Daddy and Mommy to bring you there to explore a Space theme indoor playground at Avenue K.

Before we can entered the playground, all of us even the adults need to sanitize our hand first, had to wore socks all the time and had our temperature check first to ensure the playground are hygiene and safety for all the children like me. Daddy and Mommy no need to worried that I'll get sick later after my visit at the playground. Yeah...

Time for me to go in now after all the process done. The playground was fun because the facilities there were cater from toddler to children like us. There are toddler playground for baby to play, ball pit, ball-blasting arena for me and my kor kor, trampoline and a winding obstacle course.
I enjoyed shooting the soft ball
Full of beautiful space photos. Looks like I am indeed in the space now
Time for us to crawl through the tunnel
Everything here so beautiful and colourful
Most of the area was covered with net to ensure we are safe while running and climbing here and there
Aunty Leona's son had face painting of a tiger enjoying playing the striking blue ball and the slide
Star Light Kids had a decorated function room to have a birthday party. So, if you want to find a place to held a party, then you should bring your friends here. They'll amaze with the decoration. Ask Daddy and Mommy to check out the packages available too.
My dream birthday party. How I wish I could held it here...
There are 2 services provided at the playground. You can ask Daddy or Mommy accompanied you to go in to play or if they want to go shopping instead, they can "Drop & Shop". There will have care taker to take care of you but a minimal fees will be charge.

If you're hungry, no worries as there are Star Light Cafe to serve you with light food and drinks. I love their cupcakes. Looks so cute.

If you want to go to toilet, Star Light Kids playground inside got. Convenient and safe. No need Daddy or Mommy to bring us out instead.

For more information, you can always visit Mommy Jane blog HERE. Come and visit Star Light Kids playground at Avenue K now and I'm sure you'll love the place like I do. There will be launching some classes for children and parents soon which includes Yoga, Zumba, Dance and even Gardening soon. Get all the updates and details at their FACEBOOK.
Me, Cher Cher and Kor Kor wearing the Star Light Kids t-shirt. I like the design
Tqvm to Star Light Kids founder, Aunty Lydia, Aunty Elanie and Aunty Elyza for having me as the kids blogger to attend the launching. Thanks also to Aunty Junee for the invitation. I had my great time here and will be back soon. Hopefully more of my friends could join me too. See all of you again.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Enjoy a more attractive holiday when you buy online at RWG

Holidays are coming. First thing come to my mind is, I wanna go for a trip but Daddy and Mommy always said it is expensive to go for a trip. Now, with booking online, Daddy and Mommy can save a lot as great discounts and packages are available. Yeah...
Lovely Resort at Awana Kijal
From 1st to 14th September, book online for Resorts World Kijal. Package price for one night stay and buffet breakfast for two persons is just RM249 nett and if you are a golf enthusiast, opt for the RM266 nett that comes with one night stay in Deluxe room, buffet breakfast and one round of golf on the beautiful 18 holes golf course just next to the sea!
Resorts World Langkawi
At Resorts World Langkawi.  For a deluxe garden view room, the package is only RM200 for one night stay and if you are lucky, you will get a free room upgrade to Deluxe Seaview too!  If it is seaview you prefer, opt for the two nights stay that comes with breakfast.  The superior seaview room is just RM565 nett or opt for the premier seaview room for just RM644 nett.
Standard Room
First World Hotel room promotion at just RM55 nett for a Standard Room one night stay. Or opt to stay in the new XYZ Deluxe room for just RM80.  If Steamboat is your favorite, stay and dine at Resort Seafood for just RM159 nett for two persons. There is also the XYZ Triple room with breakfast for just RM165 nett for three persons!
XYZ Triple room
Meanwhile for concerts and shows, discounts are aplenty when you book online.  Enjoy a 20% discount for Superstars of Magic or a 15% discount for Tsai Chin Live in Genting 2015 concert.  Other upcoming concerts includes Power Woman Encore, Tiger Huang, Alex To My Virtual Planet Tour Part II live in Genting, a Magical Date with Shunza – A Christmas Concert and 2016 New Year Countdown with 3 Divas are all up for grabs at 25% discount from normal price.
Genting PR Team Kor Kor and Cher Cher with the Superstar Magic 4
If you want to know more information, you can contact them at 03 – 2718 1118 or visit for more information.
For activities and place to eat at Genting, feel free to check it out at my previous link on the ROOMSUPERSTARS MAGIC 4 and Resort World Steamboat and Behind the Scene Activities. Hope all of you'll enjoy spending time during your holiday seasons.

Adventure to Jeram, Kuala Selangor (Day 2)

My Kor Kor had done his write-up on our Jeram trip, Day 1 at HERE. For Day 2, I'm WT here reporting on my experience. Yeah...
Clement Kor Kor cycle the bicycle and me as the passenger
Mommy woke us up at 6.30am so that we could prepared early for some light breakfast before we ride the bicycle to the beach. Since no bicycle was suitable for me, Mommy said I better sit as passenger instead. 
Steve Kor Kor fetch me to the beach instead since Clement Kor Kor don't have the confidence to fetch me. Can't blame him as he long time didn't cycle a bicycle. Steve Kor Kor was the owner of the Wave Rest House and he cycle almost everyday. He indeed an expert. I am more safe to ride as his passenger instead. Ha ha ha...
The journey from our rest house to the beach almost 5km. I enjoyed seeing the natural green of the environment. It looks so beautiful. The fresh air blowing as we cycle along the road.

Me at the beach
Cher Cher, Kor Kor and me busy ourselves collecting the beautiful shells here to bring home as remembrance to our friends.
Cher Cher collecting the shells
Kor Kor and Cher Cher walked on the stone to go further a bit to the sea but Mommy said its better for me to stay around the beach area as she scared I'll fall through the stones there
I could do my fishing here for "Siakap" fish
After almost one hour spending at the beach, we cycle back to the Rest House for our breakfast. Really hungry after so much of exercise. Ha ha ha...
Red carpet connecting the Rest House and the Restaurant
After our breakfast, we had a lucky draw to all the bloggers included the kids bloggers like me sponsored by Uncle Ben. I really love the prize as I always wanted a camera for myself.
Intax Camera and Accessories worth RM500+
Uncle Ben's daughter do the draw and I was lucky when my name was called to get the prize. Yeah...
Me, Andrew Kor Kor and Cher Cher who gave me the prize. Tqvm to all of you
Me holding my prize took photo with Tedmi mascot
After prize presentation, we went for a boat ride for a bird watching activity. The moment that all of us are waiting. We'll be going to the sea and a different part of the village sitting at a speed boat. Yeah...
Me. Kor Kor and Cher Cher. We love each other
Me and Kor Kor sit together at the speed boat
During our boat ride, we saw fisherman caught some fishes, clams, wooden houses, boats, monkeys and birds too. Here I can see how fisherman caught the fishes using net directly. Previously, I could only see it from my book.
Fisherman uncle caught fish using a net at the middle of the sea
Every house along the river bank got a boat like our house in KL as every house got at least a car
Residents here used boat as their main transport to catch fish and to go anywhere
The nature was so beautiful. I could see different types of bird here during my ride.
A bird stand at a stick at the middle of the sea

Beautiful birds can be seen at the bushes
After almost half an hour on boat ride, we reach back to the Rest House and rest a while before we were served with my favourite ice cream i.e. Kindori ice cream. I really love the taste of the ice cream. Yummy...
Cup ice cream, cake ice cream and Lollipop ice cream with chocolate, coffee, green tea, mango, strawberry, vanilla and even black sesame. Yummy yummy yummy...
Enjoying my "Char Siew Pau", Jeram's specialty food
Coconut drink is a must for cooling
Relaxing myself at the bamboo swing
Small playground for me to play with Kor Kor and Cher Cher
Thanks to Tedmi, Wave Rest House & Cafe, sponsored Companies and all the Kor Kor and Cher Cher there for helping Mommy to take care of me well. Thanks also to Federick Kor Kor for fetching us to and from our house to the great place. I enjoyed myself so much here as this is my first time experience staying in a cabin and enjoyed my sporting activities which are quite adventurous to all of us. Even though a bit tiring for me but I find it interesting. Will ask Daddy to bring me there again. If you want to know more about the packages available, you can always check on Mommy Jane.
Me and the little Kou Kou who wore a life jacket for a boat riding

Adventure to Jeram, Kuala Selangor (Day 1)

Hi, I am WH and I want to share with my friends on my adventure to Jeram. When Mommy Jane said that we're going to Jeram for 2 days 1 night trip, I was really excited as I never been to the place before. A new place for me to explore. Yeah...

My icon room created by Tedmi
We reached Wave Rest & Cave around 2pm and check in at the 2 storey cabin. I never stay at cabin before. A good experience for me.
The Corridor outside my cabin
We started our itinerary at 2.30 pm. We met up at the cafe where Andrew Kor Kor, the founder of Tedmi, welcomed all of us. He gave each of us a goodie bag too that contains some sponsored vouchers and a selfie stick. I can selfie everyday already. Yeah...
Andrew Kor Kor, Me, Cher Cher and my Titi. I love my bag. Tq Kor Kor
After a short briefing on what we should do at the Mangrove Forest Tour, it started to rain heavily. So, instead of going out under the rain, Steve Kor Kor, the owner of Wave Rest taught us how to made wind chime using shells. 
Me and my collection of shells 
My Ti Ti show off his artwork
After an hour making our artwork, the rain still not stop yet, so Andrew Kor Kor said we should proceed to the Mangrove tour. I never been to Mangrove tour and Mommy always refrained me from going out to the rain as she said it'll mades me sick. But now, the opportunity arise where I got to enjoy both together. Yeah.... 
My Ti Ti all prepared to walk into the Mangrove Forest Tour. Wearing boot and plastic glove
I enjoyed the tour in the rain. Walking in the mud and found the 6 shells to win the game. We also sang a song in the forest just to get a shell that we don't have in our team of 4 persons. Worst part is, one of my boot stuck in the mud but luckily Mommy was there to help me out by took my boot out from the mud and hold my hand so that I won't fall in the mud. My whole body was wet after the tour. It was indeed a great adventure for me that I'll not forget.
Me, Cher Cher and Mommy Jane inside the Mangrove Forest
We had dinner at the restaurant just next to the cabin. We had tomato crab, omelette, prawns, shark meat, lala and a seafood soup. Everything was delicious and I ate a lot of crab as it is my favourite dish. Yeah...
Our dinner dishes. Yummy yummy yummy...
Me with a friendly Andrew Kor Kor, Cher Cher and Ti Ti
After dinner, we rest a while before we attend a short briefing by Andrew Kor Kor on what Tedmi is. Andrew Kor Kor said Tedmi is an App for the convenience of all of us. If we want to see what store got discount, just put the locations and all the promotions at each store will comes out. We could get the tickets for discount for free and we could upgrade our icon too. If you want to know the details of what Tedmi App is, do check out Mommy Jane previous blog HERE. Daddy and Mommy can save a lot of times and money with this App. Yeah...
Tedmi mascot and me. I should put on my hat. Then we'll looks alike. Ha ha ha...
Mommy, Cher Cher and me joined in with Tedmi kor kor and cher cher with all the other kor kor, cher cher, uncles and aunties and even some children to play the cards. Killer, Healer, Police and normal citizen are the persons identified at the cards. I played it before at my daycare and I enjoyed the game with more adults now. 
A great place to hang out at the Restaurant where we had our dinner
At 12.30am, Andrew Kor Kor said its times for all of us to sleep as we need to wake up at 6.30am the next day for a cycling to the beach and to collect shells, boat riding to see birds and have my favourite ice cream. My Ti Ti, WT will write on his experience there. Check out his post HERE. Tqvm to all of you as I really had a great time here. Yeah...
I learned riding a 2-wheel bicycle at here. Going time not so balance but when cycling back, I am more expert already and able to cycle for 5 km from the Rest House to the beach. Can ask Daddy and Mommy buy me a new bicycle already. Yeah....